'Salute Series'CH-46 Sea Knight VERTREP Operations

CH-46 Sea Knight VERTREP Operations
Salute to the Supply Navy

DVD Content
The first of my 'Salute Series', this DVD is a salute to the sailors of the Supply Navy
CH-46 VERTREP operations, including the USS Surabachi (AE-21), USS Lawrence (DDG-4), and USS Sylvania (AFS-2)
GThe Sea Knights have painted on the side "The Hacker"
From the original 16mm home movies, this is color film does a great job of showing what it was like for the CH-46 community. Very unique, never before seen footage
Footage includes detailed shots of delivering TARTAR missiles to the USS Lawrence, loading them into a launcher, and then returning the empty missile rack (via the CH-46), as well as detailed scenes from the supply ships
This is 100% at sea, VERTREP flight operations footage. No liberty scenes, etc
A great look into the supply Navy!!
Over 30 minutes running time


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  • Produced by GRS Videos (TM). GRS Videos is dedicated to the preservation of Naval Aviation film footage. This passion began when the son of a recently deceased Korean War veteran told me how he had thrown away all of those "old 8mm films of planes flying off of a ship". Yes, I cried. Our heritage MUST be preserved. As a veteran of Naval Aviation, I have a strong interest in ensuring that our stories are not forgotten. If you have footage (16mm, 8mm, VHS, Super 8, Beta, or Digital) contact me at PLAT_Collector@verizon.net. I will also gladly trade any footage I have for new footage (any format). So, if I have Naval Aviation footage you want, and you have something I do not have, contact me and I am confident we can work something out. I am always looking for new PLAT mishaps and home movies/video of carrier operations and life on carriers. All proceeds go into obtaining and preserving more Naval Aviation footage. Gary R. Schreffler served on USS Midway (with HS-12) from 1984-1991.

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