USS Midway PLAT Video DVD

CV-41 USS Midway PLAT Video DVD

DVD Content
This DVD contains PLAT flight operations footage from USS Midway (CV-41) during the mid 1980s, as well as Midway crashes, mishaps and near misses from the 1950s to 1980s. The footage contains the following (Not in order)
One hour and twelve minutes of PLAT flight operations
(a complete launch and recovery cycle)
A-3 arresting cable failure and bolter into the water
A-3 bouncing bolter
A-3 main gear collapse on trap
(PLAT and island camera views)
A-3 single engine emergency landng
A-6 wave off
A-7 flat tire
A-7 NORPAC gear collapse (PLAT and island view)
A-7 emergency landing trap (looks routine)
A-7 wave off for loose cable
A-7 Ramp strike with radio communications
A-7 tire shred trap
E-2 single engine trap
E-2C bolter into water
(The only E-2C ever lost while either landing on, or launching from, a carrier)
A-6 Long bolter
F-4 landing with basket stuck to the IFR probe
F-4 wild bolter in the rain
F-4 bouncing trap
F-4 bridle failure launch with radio communications
F-4 long bolter
F-4 ramp strike with radio communications
F-4 wing collapse trap (NORPAC)
F-4 canopy failure and crash during launch
F4U crash on take off
Panther crash landing (cable and barrier failure)
RF-4B barricade (PLAT, island, and stern views)
SH-3H tail rotor failure and ditch off angle
Panther ramp strike


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  • Produced by GRS Videos (TM). GRS Videos is dedicated to the preservation of Naval Aviation film footage. This passion began when the son of a recently deceased Korean War veteran told me how he had thrown away all of those "old 8mm films of planes flying off of a ship". Yes, I cried. Our heritage MUST be preserved. As a veteran of Naval Aviation, I have a strong interest in ensuring that our stories are not forgotten. If you have footage (16mm, 8mm, VHS, Super 8, Beta, or Digital) contact me at I will also gladly trade any footage I have for new footage (any format). So, if I have Naval Aviation footage you want, and you have something I do not have, contact me and I am confident we can work something out. I am always looking for new PLAT mishaps and home movies/video of carrier operations and life on carriers. All proceeds go into obtaining and preserving more Naval Aviation footage. Gary R. Schreffler served on USS Midway (with HS-12) from 1984-1991.

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