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Dementia - Some pretty wierd stuff Maynard

USS Midway sites: - USS Midway Page Store - Shirts, mugs, stc...
USS Midway Museum - San Diego!
"Meet Me At The Corner" Virtual Field Trip to the USS Midway Museum
Video of F4U Getting Craned Aboard Midway
Check 6 - The Crash of George Duncan's F9F on the USS Midway
USS Midway Tribute from 1976 and Today - Youtube Video
USS Midway Squadron & Shipmates Reunion Organization
Gene Morrow's USS Midway / CV-41 site
Charles Beggy's Midway Memories site
Charles Beggy's Midway Memories Blog
Woody Hill's Navy Photo's Blog
MSCM(SS/SW) L.R. Hargis' USS Midway Page
Ensign Walter E. Knouse Jr. Photo Gallery - VA-1B 1947-48 -
Jerry Tabrum VA-115 Photo Gallery -
Bud Taylor VF-161 Photo Gallery
Dirck Halstead's account of Operation Frequent Wind
Midway photographers mate Karl Hedberg's web site
NavSource Online USS Midway page
Midway Joe's Navy
Paul Cohen's 1955 USS Midway World Cruise website
Midway Docents - A site by Steve Ward
Carmichael's Position - John's Blog with nice photos of the Midway at Navy Pier
Jay Dombrowski's Midway photo album
Kevin Dougherty's Midway photo album
William Mattingly's Midway photo album
Gus Sibole's USS Midway MARDET website
John Chesire's "A Biographical Sketch of a Fighter Pilot" - Check out the "F-4 Tour" and "The War" sections!
The Intruder Association - Sponsor of Ready Room 5
F-8 Crusader Association's Ready Room 7 Campaign
Joe Kozerski's Navy Photos from the USS Collett site
Tony Hara's photos or NAF Atsugi Aircraft - Some CVW-5 stuff here
Seaport Village Web Cam
"Midway Magic" First ever book about the USS Midway
Navy Link to purchase a USS Midway plaque. Artwork provided by Chuck Cavanaugh
Photos of the Midway at Navy Pier on the USS Providence website
Videos of the Midway's crossing to Navy Pier - San Diego Union Tribune
Wayne "Smitty" Smith's VAW-13 "Zappers" Site
Steve's Navy Page - NAF Atsugi
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Nautical related sites: - hosts Personnel Rosters for 8,700+ US Navy Ships, Submarines and Air Squadrons
USS Coral Sea.Net - Bob Dorais' "Complete" USS Coral Sea website
USS Lexington Museum on the Bay
USS Hornet Museum
USS Yorktown Museum
USS Intrepid Museum
USS Kirk FF-1087 Home Page
USS Preble DLG-15 | DDG-46 Home Page - Nice photos of CV41
Warships1 "The Anchor Page For The World's Warships"
Welcome to Mangos (Subic City)
NAVYDAZE Naval & Aviation Art
Blue Angels Alumni Association
Takafumi Hiroe's GO! NAVY! page
Donald Shelton's Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Page
U.S. Naval Institute
American Battle Monuments
Naval Safety Center - Approach Magazine and more
Navy Times
NavyOnLine Home Page
USS Forrestal
USS Saratoga Home Page
NAS Whidbey's Home Page
Military Challenge Coins
Asbestos.Net - Sailors, Deckhands & Asbestos Exposure information
Asbestos.Net - U.S. Navy Veterans & Asbestos Exposure information
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Military Aviation related sites:

VA-95 Green Lizard Home Page
Tamás Szórád's Airbase Blog
USS Midway Aircraft Restoration Hangar - NAS North Island
Midway's Aircraft - The Restoration Hangar - US Naval Flight Engineers Farwell to the Tomcat - Sept 2006
Midway Phantom Home Page
Able Dogs - The authoritative site for Navy and Marine Corps aviators who flew all models of the Douglas AD Skyraider
F3H Demon Driver's Page
Ginter Books - Navy and Air Force Fighters
Robin Lee's Vulture's Row - Excellent US Naval information site
Joseph Bauger's Naval Aircraft Articles
Joseph Bauger's Naval Aircraft Serial Numbers 1911 - Present
Lou Drendel's Military Aviation Art Site
Chronicle of all known ejections worldwide
F-4 Phantom's Lair
"The Jolly Rogers" Squadron Past & Present
001 -- Flight of the Valkyrie
Tailhook Assiociation Home Page
Douglas F4D Web Page
Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association
Darryl Shaw's Naval Air Page
Association of Aviation Ordnancemen
Russian Aviation Page
Landings Aviation Server

General Aviation

FlightAware - Live Flight Tracking - Very Cool!
FAR Index
Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) - Weather
Short Wing Piper Club
NTSB - Aviation
Aeroplanner - Flight Plans To Go
Marv Golden Pilot Supplies

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BRESSLER.ORG - A great Forum website with a lot of funny stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
The Red Green Show webpage
The Onion - Number One in News
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Info Page
Rodney Dangerfield
British Comedy - Young Ones' FAQ
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