At-sea periods from June 1981 though April 1992

At-sea periods June 1981 though April 1992

These are the dates for all the sea periods for the Midway from June 12, 1981 to April 11, 1992. I also included ports visited when I was aboard. NorPacs, IOs, and special cruises are labeled as such. I also added squadron detachments that my squadron made between sea periods. Special thanks to Mike Weeks for information on ship activities after I left.

USS Midway At-sea periods from 06/84 through 04/92

06/26/81 - 07/16/81Hong Kong

07/24/81 - 08/01/81VA-115 Detachment: Kwang Ju Korea

08/06/81 - 08/13/81ACLS testing Donut Cruise: Sea of Japan

10/02/81 - 10/06/81Subic Bay Philippines, Pattaya Beach Thailand

10/29/81 - 11/23/81Pusan Korea

12/03/81 - 12/23/81Sasebo Japan

12/81Ship goes into drydock in Yokosuka

01/04/82 - 01/21/82VA-115 Detachment: Kadena AFB Okinawa

01/26/82 - 03/01/82VA-115 Detachment: NAS Whidbey Island, WA

03/08/82 - 04/05/82Team Spirit 82-1: East China Sea

04/26/82 - 06/18/82READEX 82: Hong Kong, Subic Bay Philippines

06/27/82 - 08/20/82COPE Strike, ASWEX 82-83, joint USN-JMSDF Exercise

08/22/82 - 08/31/82VA-115 Detachment: NAF Cubi Point Philippines

09/14/82 - 12/10/82MERLION 82-1/NORPAC: Singapore, Pattaya Beach Thailand, Subic Bay Philippines, Hong Kong

01/12/83 - 02/04/83Refresher Training: Sasebo Japan

02/25/83 - 05/09/83Team Spirit 83, NORPAC, FLEETEX 83-1: Pusan Korea, Sasebo Japan

06/02/83 - 08/13/83Leyte Pier (Cubi Point) Phillipines, Hong Kong, Sasebo

09/10/83 - 09/23/83VA-115 Detachment: Misawa Japan

10/15/83 - 12/11/83Subic Bay Philippines, Hong Kong, Sasebo Japan

12/28/83 - 05/23/84Indian Ocean Cruise: Singapore, Pattaya Beach Thailand, Philippines

07/84VMFP-3 and HC-1 detached from CVW-5, HS-12 comes aboard

10/15/84 - 12/13/84FleetEx 1-85

02/01/85 - 03/28/85Team Spirit-85

06/10/85 - 10/14/85Indian Ocean cruise

01/17/86 - 03/30/86Team Spirit-86

03/25/86Air Wing flyoff: VA-56, VA-93, VF-161 do not return

3/86USS Midway goes into the yard for modifications to allow F/A-18 Hornets to operate from her. All squadrons except HS-12 TRANSPAC to the West Coast for transitioning and training. VA-56/93 are disestablished. VFA-192/195 are assigned permanently to the Air Wing. VF-161 transfers to COMLATWINGPAC. VF-151 transitions to the F/A-18 and redesignated VFA-151.

11/86CVW-5 TRANSPACs to NAF Atsugi. Air Wing now consist of VFA-151/192/195, VA-115, VAW-115, VAQ-136, and HS-12

01/09/87 - 03/20/87WESTPAC: possibly Team Spirit-87

04/23/87 - 07/13/87WESTPAC

09/13/87VA-185 Nighthawks, a second A-6E squadron is assigned to CVW-5

10/15/87 - 04/12/88Indian Ocean cruise: Ernest Will Operation support

09/08/88 - 11/09/88WESTPAC

01/21/89 - 02/24/89Team Spirit-89

08/15/89 - 12/11/89Indian Ocean cruise: Classic Resolve Ops support

02/27/89 - 04/09/89WESTPAC

05/31/89 - 07/25/89WESTPAC

10/10/90 - 04/17/91Desert Storm

08/10/91USS Midway departs Yokosuka, Japan for the last time

08/22/91USS Midway arrives at Pearl Harbor after a brief stop at Midway Island. CVW-5 transfers to USS Independence in the "Great Carrier Air Wing Swap-ex". Eight days later VA-185 is officially disestablished at NAF Atsugi.

09/14/91USS Midway arrives at San Diego after a stop in Seattle to pick up dependent children for a Tiger Cruise.

04/11/92USS Midway (CV-41) officially decommissioned at San Diego Naval Station.

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