We have 20 chairs up for sponsorship. For a $500 tax deductible donation to the "USS Midway Museum Ready Room One Fund", your name will be assigned to a chair and will be clearly displayed on a brass plaque.

If interested in sponsoring a chair or for details, please contact the Ready One Project Coordinator, CWO4 Mike Manley

Current Chair Sponsors

AMDO Association  
Capt. John "Turk" Green  
Capt. Jerry D. Palmer  
Capt. J.T. Morris  
VFA-151 Vigilantes  
Carol, Erin, and Stacey Simmons  
Capt. Gil Rud  
Marine Corps Reserve Association  
CWO3 Mike Manley  
LTCOL Stanley A. Smith  
Major General Timothy Ghormley  
AMCS Tim Moore  
AM1 Ron Miller  
VADM Paul McCarthy