Mission Statement

Ready Room One Status


  • We continue to maintain our Ready Room and add exhibits as we obtain them. While I am on my last Active Duty deployment onboard USS BOXER (LHD-4) I have left the Ready Room in the caring hands of AMCS Kevin Walker, USN (Ret). Kevin was a Viggie from way back and is working hard to keep our exhibit in top shape.
  • We continue to track the EA-6B to EA-18G Transition, recently adding a Tail in the display for the newly transitioned VAQ-138. VAQ-135 is next up with two more squadrons making the transition in the very near future, including long time USS Midway / CAG-5 squadron, VAQ-136.
  • We are always looking for items of interest for our exhibit and are looking for sponsors for our remaining Ready Room chairs. Please contact me for additional information.
  • Regards
  • CWO4 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager


  • After two years of restoration, the VFA-151 Ready Room and adjacent spaces opened to the public on Memorial weekend. Our formal dedication event was held on June 30th. The Vigilantes Wardroom made the trip south to join us for the dedication. We thank everyone who helped make this exhibit come together and hope it brings years of enjoyment to all who visit.
  • Regards
  • CWO4 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager

  • RESTORATION UPDATE - 12/17/2008

  • This is a quick Pre-Christmas update on our Hornet Ready Room Exhibit progress.
  • New carpet has been installed in the VFA-151 CO's stateroom. The glass door is on order and will be installed shortly. One final staging of items and that space is ready to go.
  • Our flight gear locker is still in need of additional flight gear. Mr. Palmer has been rounding up gear and has sent them my way. We found some misc piece parts at DRMO, so it is starting to take shape. I am also populating the Helo PR Shop with gear, so I am getting my Rigger PQS signed off.
  • The 16 ft glass partition wall going across the back of the ready room is now framed out. The glass is on order and due to be installed the first week of January. Once we get the glass installed, we can stage the mannequins and display props in that portion of the space. I need to get a progress photo posted to our link.
  • Exhibits has been compiling some Hornet music videos that Mr. Palmer sent provided to produce our closed loop video for our visitors to enjoy.
  • As for DISPLAYS, Mr. Houser has 70 squadron tails on order. All past and present commands, Navy and Marine Corps will be represented. Completing this display will be the focus over the next few months. We are starting layout and will be ready to hang the tails when received. C & C Glass will come in and cover the display in glass when we get the tails hung. This will be a great display! We also have the Growler display to design and install.
  • I have a few framed photos to hang in the two connecting passageways, but I am on the hunt for additional museum quality pieces to add. XO Kartvedt is providing a Blue Angels flight suit to display and ADM Fox offered an item for display. Our bulletin board display, "Midway's Hornet Years - 1986 - 1992" is in the layout stage. We have five sponsor plaques mounted on chairs and 15 chairs open for individual or command sponsorship. I am posting photos of the installed sponsor plaques on the cv41.org link. The VFA-151 sponsor plaque is on order and will be installed over Christmas break.
  • All things said, we are tracking for Midway's May 2009 opening of the forward gallery deck which includes the CAG spaces, F-8 Ready Room, Helo Ready Room, History of Naval Helicopter exhibit, several squadron CO's staterooms, and a few misc aviation maintenance shops. Lots of detail work ahead and final prep to complete, but the final exhibit will meet our mission statement and appropriately represent the Officers, Sailors and Marines of the F/A-18 Hornet community.
  • Pressing On,
  • CWO3 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager

  • RESTORATION UPDATE - 09/16/2008

  • We are now done with all the hard stuff and are rolling into displays and detail work.
  • Yesterday the Hornet Industrial Team was aboard for a review of our progress.

  • So far we have three complete sets of flight gear. We are looking for additional g-suits, vests, and helmets to complete the gear locker display.
  • Please dig that old flight gear out of your closet and send it to us for the masses to see and enjoy

  • We are building the Hornets on Midway display. Prior Dragons, Dam Busters, and Viggies, we are looking for old photos of Hornets in action, maintainers at work, shop photos, etc taken during the Midway Hornet era (1986 - 1992).
  • Please send us that great shot hidden away in your closet

  • We have chairs awaiting sponsorship with a plaque awaiting your name and prior command info.
  • Please contact me to get a chair sponsored, V/R

  • CWO3 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager


  • Ready Room population is tracking well. The first four chairs are in place and the remaining chairs are being put through powder coating and build up.
  • SDO desk is in place as well as the original water fountain.
  • Mail distribution box is in place and will be populated with mail and covered with Plexiglas.
  • Flight Gear Locker is complete and the first of our flight gear is in place. We are looking for additional flight gear donations to populate the locker with 20 sets. VFA-151 and VFA-192 have taped up helmets for the display. Still looking for a Chippy helmet, so we have all three Midway Hornet commands represented.
  • Squadron CO’s Stateroom is painted out and the bed/locker displays are in place.
  • Our two mannequins (SDO and CO) will receive ultra realistic heads in August and will be in place by September.
  • We have the Plexiglas install and audio/video plans finalized. Both will be accomplished in the Fall.
  • The Boeing Reps are diligently working on the Hornet Command Tails Display.
  • Finally, we are building up a triple bulletin board to tell the story of Hornets on Midway. We are looking for photos from that time frame showing Hornet aircraft, pilots, and maintainers around the ship. Please dig through your old Midway photos and send me the hot shot you have stashed away for the masses to enjoy.
  • CWO3 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager


  • Well, the Poly Spec and Paige Flooring contractors have done a great job installing the new deck. It is looking great and is almost done. The VFA-151 Logos really stand out!
  • When our deck is complete, we will start staging the items we already have on hand such as the SDO Desk and chair, small refrigerator, and drinking fountain.
  • We are going up to Bremerton on April 4th to grab a squadron mail distribution box from the Ex-USS Independence. We are also looking to grab a bulletin board and a few other things that we can use for the exhibit.
  • The local Boeing guys are hard at work getting the squadron tails produced. We will have 70 tails to start out with and will add the Growlers as the commands stand up.
  • The other big thing happening is the audio/video plans. We are looking at having close loop random 5MC and 1 MC audio calls, a closed loop 4 minute Hornet video on a jumbotron, and a PLAT TV with about 5 min of Hornet video on closed loop. So, the whole thing should give the real world feel we want.
  • We have had some initial discussions with the Plexiglas contractor and should be starting that effort later in the year.
  • Pressing On,
  • CWO3 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager


  • The new deck material has been selected. It is called Black Stone and will look like granite. It is a low maintenance deck that should serve us well. The contractor will be installing the deck in early Feb.
  • We have established an account with the ship for managing funds donated for this project. The Wing in Lemoore was the first to donate to the cause with funds from a golf tournament.
  • We decided to install securing bolts in the deck to bolt down the 20 ready room chairs, so we don't have problems with visitors moving them around.
  • We have built up our first of 20 Ready Room chairs and the SDO chair. We also obtained a nice refrigerator and Bunn coffee maker for the space.
  • During Christmas break we will wrap up the lagging replacement and paint out the space.
  • The HIT is working on the procurement of 70 painted squadron tails (one for every Hornet command in the Navy and Marine Corps, past and present) that will be mounted in the space to help tell the Hornet story.
  • We will be adding more photos of our progress shortly.
  • CWO3 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager


  • Demo of the old Operations Office is complete and the new tour route exit door is cut away. The old deck is chipped up and ready for the dumpster.
  • A major debris removal working party is scheduled for 27 Oct @ 0700.
  • We are currently reviewing decking material samples for our new deck. The install is planned for March 2008.
  • We have lagging work to do along with a complete re-paint. We expect to make considerable headway during the Christmas break.
  • We are always looking for volunteer labor. Let us know if you wish to do some boat time!
  • CWO3 Mike Manley
    Ready One Project Manager


  • We are completing demo and moving on to deck installation. We will be receiving a new state of the art high gloss deck in the ready room and adjoining passageway, courtesy of Northrop Grumman, Newport News. This decking is the latest high tech / maintenance free decking material going into new ships. The deck will also incorporate an inlaid VFA-151 Logo.
  • Behind the scenes, we are working on restoring the SDO Desk, SDO chair, Coffee Mess cabinet, counter, and mail box. Many other detail projects are also progressing.
  • We recently did our walk through with the Ship's Exhibits Director and staff to go over our plans for displays, layouts, and arrangements. We were given some very good input and are in the beginning stages of layout design, which will ultimately be submitted the HIT for review and approval.
  • We are looking for donation of the following items for exhibit:
    100 cup coffee pot or commercial automatic coffee maker (for coffee mess static display)
  • The following items are needed to dress up a pilot mannequin:
    Flight suit in size large
    G suit
    Helmet / Mask


  • Junk removal – Remove items not required or desired. Field day space
  • Demo Ops space. Relocate exit door due to Ship required tour route change. (Door relocation contracted by ship)
  • Patch holes in lagging due to sprinkler install. (Replacement lagging on hand)
  • Paint overhead and bulkheads. Paint bulkheads in existing VFA-151 colors. Paint overhead in flat black. (dropped ceiling already removed)
  • Replace tile. Tile deck with similar black tile. Possibly fund new shipboard high tech TORRAZZO (Low maint) rubberized decking material