A-4 Technical Library

This Technical Library is available to any person interested in the A-4 airplane. The publications may not be checked out, but copies of pages may be made on board USS Midway.  

NATOPS Flight Manuals

A-4 A/B   Chilton S. "Tony" Cabot, USN/USMC  
A-4 B/C   Chilton S. "Tony" Cabot, USN/USMC  
A-4 B/C/L   Bill Gilchrist, USN  
A-4 E   Dennis Dooley, USN  
A-4 E/F   Mark "Ranger Mark "Lobo" Morgan, USN  
TA-4F / TA-4J   Mark "Senator" Williams USMC  
TA-4G   Ron Maxwell  
TA-4J   Mike "Buick" Eberhardt USN  

Pilot Pocket Checklists

A-4 A/B   Bill White, USN 
A-4 B/C/L   Michael E. Sandlin, USMCR  
A-4 E   Albert "Shoes" Schaufelberger, USN  
TA-4F   Cliff Ruthrauff, USN  
A-4 M   B. J. Palmer, USMC  

Tactical Check Lists

A-4   Mark "Senator" Williams, USMC 
A-4/ TA-4 F   B. J. Palmer, USMC  
A-4 M   Gerit "Snake" Fenenga, USMC  

Misc Pubs

A4D-1/A4D-2 Flight Manual
(before NATOPS)  
Ray Demning, USNR  
General Operating Instructions  
Bill Gilchrist, USN