Donor List

Donor List

CAG Level ($2000 and above)

Naval Academy Class of 1963 Foundation contributed $6300  
The Press On Foundation - Scott Mitchell, Trustee Contributed $2000  
Fist of the Fleet Association (VA-25) contributed $2500  

SQUADRON SKIPPER Level ($1000 - 1999)

Greg Stearns  
Mo Peelle  
Michael and Ella Bracy  

STRIKE LEADER Level ($500 - 999)

James Symond  
Leon Bryant  

DIVISION LEADER Level ($300 - 499)

Joe Cullen  

Ready Room Chair Endowment ($300 - 499)

Mo Peelle  
Bob Matulka in memory of John Davis, Dan Moran, & Larry Cooper  
Bill Gilchrist  
John Wentworth in honor of VA-23  
John Burkholder  
*Lee Van Oss  
David Weber in honor of LCDR J. Connell POW - KIA  
Bob Allen  
Ray & Susan Gomes  
Marie Estocin in memory of Mike Estocin Medal of Honor, KIA  
CAPT Mel Moore in honor of Dick Stratton POW and Mike Estocin, KIA  
Skyhawk Association in memory of Ernie Laib  
Bill Bradford

Chuck Sweeney  
Harold & Patricia Najarian 
VA-22 The Fighting Redcocks Vietnam Era A-4F Drivers  
Craig Cover sponsored by Lee Van Oss & Harry Najarian  
Susan & Jim Applegate  
* = two donations

SECTION LEADER Level ($200 - 299)

RADM Tom Brown  
Robert Crippen  
James Walters  
Sue Abell  
Mike Cronin  

WINGMAN Level ($100 - 199)

Larry Sharpe  
Bill Barnett  
Michael Weakley  
Bob and Julia Ammann  
John Casey  
Chuck Wolf  
John Schroeder  
Wilson and Polly Harris  
Arvin Heilman  
Alan Sherman  
CAPT C. W. Stone  
CAPT Frank C. Holmes  
A.A. & Kathleen Isger  
Jim Thornton  
Kendall & Nancy Cook  
James D. Hodde  

NUGGET Level (Up to $99)

Carl Erie  
Hugh Magee  
Mike Farmer  
Stephen and Yvonne Coester  
Josephine and Andy Anderson 
LCOL Ray Smythe, USAF (Ret)