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MUSTER BAR NOTICE - 26 January 2010

Shipmates, there is a problem with the Muster Bar since migrating to a new server. I've removed the link to submit a new entry since that function is broken. I've left the search fields up, but no matter what you search on you'll get the entire Muster Bar list.  

Before registering please read the instructions completely. Pay particular attention to the "Tips for Searching" section. How you enter your information will greatly determine if your entry will be found correctly during a search.

Also read the terms of agreement that appear when registering. Failure to abide by the agreement can result in expulsion from the Muster Bar.

Otherwise, come on in shipmate. Grab an ice cold San Miguel or ice tea if you'd rather and relax. Hopefully the bar will start to fill up soon and you will stand a better chance of finding an old friend. Check in periodically to see who has shown up.

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