Cruise Book Qik-Start Instructions

Cruise Book Qik-Start Instructions

Windows XP Operating Systems

Step 1 - When you insert the cruise book CD on a Windows XP system you will likely be presented with a popup window asking what you would like Windows to do with the disk. Select "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer" as seen in Figure 1. If you have previously selected a default option for windows to remember, such as "transfer photos.." then your computer will do this automatically and you will not see the option window. Proceed to Step 1a
Step 1a - If you did not get the option to select "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer" then you will need to double click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Using the right hand mouse button click on your CDROM drive containing the cruise book CD and select "Open" from the popup menu.

Figure 1
Step 2 - After the completion of Step 1 or 1a you will be presented with a Window displaying the contents of the CDROM. There is a single html document named after the cruise book. The example in Figure 2 shows the 1976-78 cruise book. Double click on the html document and the cruise book navigation page will open in your default web browser.

Figure 2
Step 3 - When your default browser launches the cruise book navigation page you will see a window similar to the 1976-78 cruise book example in Figure 3. The cruise book will be divided into multiple parts depending on the size of the cruise book. You can view each part by clicking on the image or text below the part. Depending on how Adobe Acrobat Reader is configured on you computer it will either open the part in your browser window or present you with a Save window to save the part to your local hard drive. If your system is missing the Adobe Acrobat Reader program you can download the latest version for free at Adobe's Acrobat Reader Download Page. There is also a link on the cruise book navigation page. Depending on the speed and available memory on your computer the parts may take up to a minute to load. After the part has loaded you may wish to click on the Bookmark tab on the left that will display bookmarks for easy navigation to the various sections of that part. If you were presented with the Save window when you clicked on a part then you will need to double click on the saved file where you save it. It will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader rather than your browser window.
Tip - Copying the CD to your local hard drive will greatly improve the speed in which the parts are loaded.

Figure 3
If you have any questions about USS Midway Cruise Books on CDROM or wish to loan a cruise book for scanning and addition to the store please contact me at

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