The Muster Bar Archive

The Muster Bar Archive

Welcome to the Muster Bar Archive. These are the volumes that once served as the original Muster Bar. I have left them online for reference purposes. If you can't find someone you're looking for in the new Muster Bar you can check these pages. Also, if you are listed in the archives and have registered in the new system I can remove you from the archives. Send me an e-mail with your name and what volume you are in and I'll take care of it.

UPDATE 10 March 2009 - I have edited the e-mail address links in the archives to prevent web bots from stripping out addresses. The "@" has been replaced with "-at-", so if you try to use any of these addresses make sure you replace the "-at-" with "@". Be aware that these addresses are very old and many are probably no longer active.

Who's on Liberty
Ship's Company Vol 1
Air Wing Vol 1
Ship's Company Vol 2
Air Wing Vol 2
Ship's Company Vol 3
Air Wing Vol 3
Ship's Company Vol 4
Air Wing Vol 4

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