Make a Donation

Make A Donation

Make a Charitable Donation By Check

  • Charitable donations are tax deductible!
  • Make the check payable to "San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum"
  • Note on your check "For: VA/VMA Ready Room3 Fund" This is very IMPORTANT
  • Mail your donation to;
    Bill Gilchrist
    VA/VMA Ready Room3 Fund
    15150 Andorra Way
    San Diego, CA 92129
  • Do not mail your donations directly to the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum.
  • When a donation is received Bill will forward the information to CV41.ORG for inclusion to the Donor List page.

  • Donate Items For Display

    Due to a contribution of over $6,000 from the Naval Academy Class of 1963 Foundation, we have recently paid off our $10,000 lease with the Midway, so Ready Room Three is now ours.

    Now we begin the task of decorating the room so it represents all Light Attack pilots, crew and maintenance personnel. If you have any memorabilia from your career that you would like to see in the ready room, I can assure you we can provide a good home.

    E-Mail Bill Gilchrist