USS Midway Muster Bar Instructions and FAQ


The concept of the Muster Bar is simple and if you ever had a squadron or department "muster" bar in Olongapo, P.I. you will pick up on it right away. A "muster" bar was used when we were in port at Subic Bay, Philippines. As the name implies, it was "the meeting" place for your squadron or department, almost a home away from home. The bar often had a board out in the front on which you could write down where you were going to be at and when. Anyone wanting to find you needed only to check the muster bar for your where abouts.

The Muster Bar is only open to personnel who served on the USS Midway either permanent duty or TAD. For example, if you were an aircrewman with VQ-1 and was on board the Midway for an IO cruise you're in.

So, come on in shipmate. Grab an ice cold San Miguel or ice tea if you'd rather and relax. Hopefully the bar will start to fill up soon and you will stand a better chance of finding an old friend. Check in periodically to see who has shown up. If you can't find who you are looking for here they may be in the Muster Bar Archive.


  • To register yourself in the USS Midway Muster Bar click on the "register" button on the main page.
  • After reading the Terms of Use conditions click on the "Agree" button to continue or "Disagree" to exit the registration process.
  • Enter your information in the Data Entry Window

  • Name:(Required) Enter your first and last name. Include a nickname if you'd like.
  • Rate/Rank:(Required) Enter your rate or rank. If you can't remember then PO3 or SN will work.
  • Division/Squadron:(Required) Enter the Division and or Squadron you were assigned to. Examples; VF-161 Chargers, AIMD, V-1 Division, E-Division,... See "Tips for Searching and Data Entry" for further information.
  • Years On board:(Required) Enter the years you were on board like the following example; 1956 57 58. This is very important for searches. See "Tips for Searching and Data Entry" for further information.
  • E-mail Address:(Required) Enter the e-mail address you want people to use to contact you.
  • Create A Password:(Required) Enter a password then write it down somewhere so you don't forget. Forgot your password? Click the Comm link below to send a request for it to be reset.
  • Biography:(Optional) Enter information about yourself that you want to share. See "Tips for Searching and Data Entry" for further information.
  • Photo:(Optional) Enter a web address URL (link) to a current photo of yourself or from your Midway days. Example: If you have a photo you'd like to use, but do not have a website to put it on you can e-mail it to me and I'll gladly host it for you.
  • Once you have your information entered click on the "enter data" button. A window will be displayed confirming your data was entered. Click the "close window" button.

  • Verify Your Record

  • Next you need to verify your information was entered correctly
  • From the mainMuster Bar page enter your name in the name field and click on the "search by person's name" button.
  • When your entry is displayed note the file id number for your record. You will need this number whenever you want to make changes to your entry. Anytime you need your file id number just perform a "search by person's name" search on yourself.

  • Verify You Can Log in and Modify Your Record

  • From the main Muster Bar page click on the "update your file" button.
  • Enter your file id number and password. Click "login" to continue
  • Make any changes or updates in the appropriate field. Click on the "update record" button to apply the changes.
  • You will see an update successful window. Click on the "close window" button to continue
  • Anytime you make a change to your record verify your changes by performing a search on your name.

  • Tips for Searching and Data Entry

    The whole idea behind the Muster Bar is to find old friends and shipmates. In order to be "found" you want to make sure that you enter your information in a standard, uniform way. Failure to do so may result in your entry not getting picked up from a search query that should have found you. Typos are an example, but luckily you can edit your information at any time to fix problems. The following tips should help minimize your record's failure to show up in search results. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me and ask. This is a new system and I'm sure there are things I haven't thought of to add to this document.

  • Name Field: In addition to your name include your nickname. It may be the only name someone can remember you by. For searches you can use first, last, partial, or nicknames.
  • Division/Squadron Field: For divisions, Enter your division letter followed by a dash (-) and then division. Examples: E-Division, M-Division, etc. Exceptions would be Divisions such as Supply which had several "S" divisions. In these cases enter your division letter followed by a dash (-) and then followed by your division number. Examples: V-2 Division, S-6 Division, etc. For Squadrons, Enter your squadron's number at a minimum. You can also enter your squadron's name. Example: VA-93 Ravens. Searching should always be done by squadron number. Examples: HC-1, VAH-8, VFA-195
  • Years On Board Field: The search function will not search a range of years so it is important to enter each year you were on board individually. Example: 1975 76 77, etc. A search using the year 76 would return this record. If the years on board had been recorded as 1975-77 then the record would not be returned. Do not enter days and months as they are useless for searching.
  • You can not search for more than one year at a time.
  • Biography Field: While this field isn't used for searching there are some tips on how to best use this field. Your biography field can include information about your Midway tour, what you've done since leaving the Midway, and Snail mail address. It's not a particularly good place to tell sea stories. They should be posted to the USS Midway Forum.

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